We are currently looking for cases of student(s) who have autism and are displaying contextually inappropriate behavior in one or more school environments.

Authentic Cases for the ECHO Series

A case presentation is a description of a real or hypothetical problem or challenge that an educator confronts in teaching situations and we are looking for authentic cases to include in our ECHO series.

  • Case presentations are motivating and student-focused.
  • Case presentations allow learners to apply what they’ve learned to real-world situations.
  • Case presentations help learners develop critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical skills, and decision-making skills for complex and ambiguous situations.

ECHO Case Presentations Include:

  • An ECHO ID instead of student initials
  • The grade level of student
  • Common identifiers, but no personal information
  • Presenting concern(s) and strategies
  • Clarifying questions from participants and ECHO team members
  • Recommendations from participants and ECHO team

You can present the case or ask an ECHO team member to present the case. Your slides will be reviewed with you ahead of the ECHO session to ensure accuracy and confidentiality.