Collaborating with Project ECHO

ECHO for Educators is an initiative focused on uniting educators to build a support network that strengthens the use of best practices. This is a collaboration between the Behavior Alliance of South Carolina (BASC), Clemson University, and other partners.

ECHO for Educators is part of Project ECHO and is a telementoring network.

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Moving knowledge, not people.

Right knowledge. Right people. Right Time.

Four Principles of the ECHO Model

How is this different from traditional Professional development?

  • Real life and real time challenges.
  • Peers planning and supporting peers.
  • Main focus is to build a support network, not just sharing content.
  • Helps to decrease isolation and loneliness.
  • Heavily measured for continuous improvement to meet educator educator needs.
  • Effective telenetworking model with projects around the world and across disciplines.
ECHO Model

ECHO Logistics

  • Each session will be online using Zoom.
  • Every session follows the same structure (e.g., introductions, brief presentation on a skill, and a case presentation with time for discussion/recommendations)
  • Session topics are planned and presented by educators.
  • You don’t have to leave your workplace, classroom, office, or home.
  • There’s no cost to participate.
  • Professional development hours are provided.
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